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More about us...

We believe there is a deep and ancient wisdom... 

A wisdom that honors the symbiotic connection between mentor and student… doctor and patient… healer and healer. 

We believe that plants embody this wisdom deep within their DNA. 

By awakening our intuitive mind and drawing wisdom from the plants, we infuse our science-based education with an ancient way of knowing. 

We learn a timeless way of healing. We learn to be… 


BotanicWise is for herbalists, healers, and learners.

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BotanicWise is an online community of people passionate about plant medicine and healing. Founded by Charis Lindrooth, BotanicWise launched our online Community in June of 2020 with the Allies for Plants & People Symposium and continued with the 2020 Women's Herbal Gathering, Food for Optimal Health with Paul Bergner, The Healing Garden with Deb Soule, and many more.

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What people are saying about our last Virtual Gathering

~ Rosemary Gladstar, Watch: BotanicWise Event Reflections (01:37 Minutes)

"Experiencing events in person will always be my preferred way, but this offered attendees some things that you just can't get in person, like being able to see all of the classes offered later through the recordings, asking questions and chatting with people in the class in real time. I absolutely recommend anything Botanic Wise offers. Hands down." ~ AC Stauble
"When ever I needed tech support, especially on the days of the conference,, there was always someone live to help me. Grateful for that. " ~ Marguerite
Prior to enrolling in The Healing Garden course through BotanicWise, I was one who would admire those who are in tune with the Earth and her gifts. I have tried to educate myself here and there but often lost my place when faced with so many resources now available. 
The Healing Garden course featured Deb Soule of Avena Botanicals who is someone I recognize as an expert in the growing, nurturing, processing, and recommendation of herbs for our well-being. This course offered tremendous knowledge from a variety of people who each shared their experiences from their own area of expertise. 
The benefits of this course as I see them are:
  • The volume of information offered in a single place.
  • The camaraderie of the leaders with each other and the fostering of the same friendship with all of us.
  • The lifelong availability of the course events for all participants.
  • The ability to go back and learn at my own pace from these events.
  • The recommendations for furthering my knowledge through publications, affiliation with BotanicWise and Avena as well as many other newly discovered sources.

~ Franni Vitolo